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Creative, Technical, Copywriting
What I Do!

inky : adjective /ˈɪŋ·ki/ is colored or covered with ink, or having this appearance. Stained with, created with or written with ink on a material, or within a digital domain.

Hello new client! My name is Jarris Vonzombie. I consider myself a CREATIVE! I am in every way detail oriented, motivated, professional, and entrepreneurial with excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. My personal and professional knowledge, skills and abilities consist of; music, concept artistry, graphic design, web design, content writing, technical writing, fiction storytelling and non-fiction self-help writing. In addition, my interests extend towards a various genre of art, music, and writing, i.e.; painting, drawing, digital art, science fiction, horror, travel, alt hard rock/ heavy metal music and how to do stuff. I wrote and published my first non-fiction book in 2016, and I have more books in the works.





My formal education consists of a conferred Master of Science degree in Security Management with an emphasis in Cyber Security and a conferred Bachelor of Arts degree in Police/ Political Science. My current profession is that of an autonomous driving systems test operator, quality assurance software test engineer/ analyst and freelance concept artist. However, my past profession was that of a peace officer/ police detective working within the field of law enforcement, retiring after 20 years, and I also served honorably in the U.S. Army reserves concurrently for 8 years. Before those two careers, I worked for five years in the art department of the film entertainment industry as noted in the credits of my IMDB profile. 


So with all that said in my introduction; as my new client, you will receive access to my knowledge, personal and professional experiences, as well as read my varied styles of written expression after I successfully complete your project on-time with effective content.


Inspire the Spirit and Nurture the Mind with the Power of Imagination and Creative Energy!


Freelance storytelling, wordsmithing, content writing, and concept artist who is a strategic leader in expertly developing engaging content that exceeds client expectations which drive positive end-project results with a well-developed word, graphic, and photo content for all media types related to marketing, branding, training and digital experiences. I connect brands to people and people to brands with pointed messaging, imagery and design by effectively conceptualizing and communicating the value of written content strategy and user-centered design to clients at the initial pitch, written proposal, and project management level.

  • Successfully apply consistent standards; performing research, gathering information, developing lists, obtaining references while planning, writing, editing, testing and improving content; demonstrating strong AP style writing and editing abilities; coordinating content production to meet contractual specifications, deadlines, export control, and other publication requirements.

  • Versatile; excellent communication skills, organizational style, and attention to detail; thinking strategically and creatively highlighting a brand's core values while continuously learning about my clients and their market; sourcing ideas from internal and external resources; separating my clients from their competitors.

  • Creative writing; using observation and analysis elements in an artistic portrayal of the human condition by producing fictional stories with characters, settings, and plots derived from my rich and imaginative thinking. The aforementioned key creative elements are utilized during my non-fiction writing process when enhancing the clarity and communication of technical documents, presentations in support of assessments, experiments, studies, self-help and how to content, as well as interesting and engaging stories of true events involving real people.

  • Lead creation of multiple versions or shapes of key assets to ensure the project is in the right form for each context Analyze and report on impact and tailor approach based on the insights from that analysis Manage simultaneous writing projects and meet hard deadlines.

  • Proficient in the skills of Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Content Writing and familiar with Copywriting.

  • Tools Utilized; Microsoft Office Suite; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Adobe Photoshop.

Fill out the contact form or drop me a line, and I'll be happy to get back to you with ideas and solutions.



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