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Designer | Engineer
  • Visual Artist |  Concept Artist
  • Jr. Software Developer | UIX HCI Designer
  • Website Designer | Graphic Artist
  • QA Test Engineer | Analyst
  • Copywriter | Content Creator


I am a polymath, and in every way; innovative, detail oriented, versatile, adaptable, and entrepreneurial with excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. I am a talented Visual Artist; skilled Product Designer; inquisitive Software Developer; astute QA Test Analyst, and a creative Copywriter with various additional professional knowledge and skills which make up my Full Stack abilities.

I am a Full Stack Design Engineer (Artist + HCI UIX Designer + Software Developer). I am what many in the tech business community consider a "Unicorn". I have an array of talents useful to both the product and software development life cycle. I comprehend Concept Art and Photography theory. I am educated in both Front-End / Back-End development using; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, ECMAScript, Angular, React, Java, Python, and SQL/ NOSQL, as well as familiarity with manual /automation testing techniques while using fault tracking tools and reporting systems such as; JIRA and Bugzilla. My skills and abilities also include body art and product creation, with avant-garde brand development services consisting of; logo conception, graphic design, visual and written communication, as well as website design, development, and maintenance. 



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Need help testing the black box of your software development? Want to find bugs and defects in your systems and interfaces in the best way possible? Whatever your needs in Quality Assurance Software Testing, Website Design, Content Creation, Social Media Management Brand Development, or Logo Design.


Vonzombie | Ice Cream Brand

is the one company you can count on!


Fill out the contact form or drop me a line, and I'll be happy to get back to you with ideas and solutions.




The Brand

Selling design and development, not ice cream and waffle cones, but who doesn't like Ice Cream!  Ice Cream Brand serves up tasty full stack design and development; creative, adaptive and versatile services with inventive ideas, unique styles, and positive results. Inspiring the spirit and nurturing the mind with the power of imagination and creative energy!


A one-stop design, development, and creative content resource parlor. Ice Cream's in-house capabilities are vast; from creative technical and copywriting; to logo design, website, and app development; to completely integrated brand development with social media management, as well as marketing and advertising. Consistently sparking creative thought juices to achieve dynamic visual appeal to personal and company brands; as well as expressive product graphic design. Achieving advertisement, campaign, and marketing goals while maintaining the integrity of the client's brand, product, and message.


Results consist of amazing solutions, outstanding service, and creativity that takes your existing business or start-up to the top shelf.  Ideas come from incredible, multi-talented persons. At Ice Cream Brand, it is all about the flavors of talent and top-notch service!  Select a world-class flavor from our Ice Cream menu, and fill your business cone with quality soft serve consisting of; non-fat (ingredients filled with honesty and integrity ), non-dairy (straight to the point design and development), naturally sweetened (a dash of healthy awesomeness).

Famous Flavors | Services
  • CONTENT : Storytelling, wordsmithing, content writing, and concept artist who is a strategic leader in expertly developing engaging content that exceeds client expectations which drive positive end-project results with a well-developed word, graphic, and photo content for all media types related to marketing, branding, training and digital experiences. I connect brands to people and people to brands with pointed messaging, imagery and design by effectively conceptualizing and communicating the value of written content strategy and user-centered design to clients at the initial pitch, written proposal and project management level.

  • DESIGN : Ice Cream  Brand helps companies design, develop, and manage app ideas, websites, and social media content.  Not only assuring quality and functionality, but Ice Cream Brand will create your company logo, develop your web presence by producing creative, engaging, and informative written site content while using eye-catching photographic imagery that best represents your business or brand.  Catchy slogans that describe the services of our client's business, products or services can also be created to help get the direction, goals, mission and/ or point across to your potential clients or current customers.

  • DEVELOPMENT : Another focus of Ice Cream Brand is website design; software development; quality assurance testing consisting of black box functionality, performance, localization, mobile, and regression testing. Depending on the development and test requirement, the aforementioned processes are utilized at various stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and Software Development Test Cycle (SDTC) so to detect defects and bugs in a system. Developing any type of software supported system requires significant software design strategies and testing services to help customers build successful applications and websites. Its all about minimizing defects tendency.

  • RESULTS : A proven and creative web design and content development consultancy providing collaborative design solutions, efficient development, innovative branding, effective content integration, and simple test approaches; producing authentic results for clients. Ultimately improving the overall quality of a product and presence. Ice Cream Brand helps companies fix recognition and social impact through branding, design, and development by using comprehensive quality assurance and development strategies that through sound processes and controls with comprehensive strategies; ensure product fitness and integrity – verifying the end product meets customer expectations and needs.

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