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Tattoo | Body Art Services

"Mindful-Body Art & Spiritual Medicine is the synergy of art, healing, and spirituality which enables our clients to feel their inner-peace, balance, and clarity through the ancient art of tattoo"©-jarris vonzombie


Hello New Client!


My name is Jarris Vonzombie otherwise known as VON ZOMBIE™©®. I am an Artist and Specialist trained in the art and application of the tattoo. I will create unique pieces for the individual so no two individual pieces of body art will ever be the same, thus allowing the customer to have their canvas tattooed in a manner to beautify their temple, never to be a copy of another.


My emphasis is on creative collaboration and individual expression.


I also provide custom painted, digital or hand-drawn art that is as unique and special as the customer's body art. Each tattoo and commissioned art piece, whether large or small, is given the time, consideration, and care necessary for allowing the artwork and painting to be displayed with confidence and style. I rely on the long-term happiness of my customers and I pride myself on both craft and artistic innovation.


If you are in need of a cover-up, whether difficult or easy, I also specialize in the procedure of tattoo cover up and/or enhancement of unwanted and faded tattoos. I will adorn your skin with a new piece of body art that you will be proud to reveal. 


When I am providing body art services; my procedure area is private, clean, and relaxing. My customers will experience the thrill of receiving a tattoo while being confident they are in a safe environment.




:Appointment Info:


Von Zombie in association with

Traditional Ink Studio

Accepts Appointments and Walk-Ins!


Appointments can be made online




Nipple | Areola Pigmentation/ Creation

Tattooing for Mastectomy Patients

Before, during and after a mastectomy there are so many questions to be researched, discussed and answered. We hope the information we provide here will assist you with learning more about tattooing and repigmentation of the areola and nipples after a mastectomy. We offer either reconstructive pigmentation and or decorative options with and without nipple reconstruction. The procedures will be performed by artist Jarris Vonzombie.


{ Areola | Nipple Portfolio }


:My Standard Questions:


Question: What Can You Expect?



Answer: Usually I will start out by asking you if you have any questions for me. We will do our best to answer your questions. Now is the time to start thinking of what you're curious about.  Depending on whether a rotary machine or a traditional coil tattoo machine is used, the sound from a traditional machine can be considered annoying, intimidating and loud. We suggest you bring headphones and listen to music that will help you relax. Tattooing on the chest is normally an uncomfortable process however typically after a mastectomy, the damage to nerve endings tend to make the process somewhat tolerable. It is possible to use local anesthetics (lidocaine patches and various numbing creams on the areas prior to the procedure, but generally it has not been necessary.  Prior to the procedure ensure that you are well hydrated and have eaten a light meal.


Question: What happens after the procedure?


Answer: Typically after the procedure which takes approximately 30 minutes per breast.  You will notice the area of the procedure to be slightly swollen, the pigment is dark in color and there may be some redness from irritation.  Keep in mind that during the healing process the pigment will lighten to a more natural look and the tenderness will subside.  We will do all that we can to ensure your procedure is hassle-free and comfortable. Aftercare will be similar to the aftercare instructions we recommend for our standard tattoo procedure clients.  We recommend and utilize H2Ocean Aftercare products during and after the procedure. 


:Out of Pocket Rates/ Prices:


 Nipple/ areola repigmentation (conventional)

and/ or 3D tattoo (realism) are extremely affordable

Bilateral conventional or 3D Realism tattooing

$200 (flat rate) includes both breasts

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