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"Jarris does an excellent job. He has done both of my child portraits and did an eye on my hand a couple days ago. He also did a script tattoo on my wife and she loves it. I would recommend him any day. I don’t want to go anywhere else for a tattoo."

-David Herrera, 12/2018


"I was a client of Jarris' for some custom artwork. It was a multi-month engagement that required he manage not only the timing, but various creative inputs from multiple members of my family. He was a consummate professional during the entire process and we were very happy with the end result."

-Chase Cabanillas, 03/2018



"I am not only a dear friend of Jarris Vonzombie, I am also his guitarist for our band Prepare The Gallows. Jarris did my entire Full Sleeve. I spent a total of 44.5 hour's in the chair. I have been a fan of his Artwork, his Tattoo Work, and his Professionalism for a long time. He is BEAST MODE when it comes to work ethic, attention to detail, and creativity!! If I was willing to tuff it out, so was he! I did a total of 5 sessions. With that said,I have quality, detailed, and amazing tattoo work on my whole arm, of Japanese Themed dedication artwork for my love of japan, the time I spent living there, my daughter who is half Japanese, and the beauty of the Japanese Scenery. I can't wait to book my next session to start my other sleeve! GO ON AND GET YOU A CONSULTATION WITH HIM TODAY!!!! You can book an appointment here on his FB, or his website. If you want quality art work, with your vision and have it done by a professional tattoo artist, You can not go wrong with Vonzombie Studio Professional Tattoos!!!"

-Darren Van Duzee, 02/2018



"Jarris did my tattoo, my wife's tattoo, and my son's tattoo. Mine was a Cover Up and he did an amazing job. His design I came up with in the artwork were awesome. He was very organized in the whole process to make sure that we were happy with all of our results. He planned the design and let us review before he moving forward while making changes on the fly to make it look even better while finishing the tattoo"

-Thomas Siebel 10/2017



"Jarris is very professional and approachable. He is a talented artist that I have had the privilege of working with. As a tattoo artist he listens and is open and extremely creative. He is able to accommodate the client’s wishes and thoughts into truly stunning pieces of art. I also have one of his original large canvas creations that is one of my personal favorites in my art collection. I highly recommend him and his work!"

-Erin Keefe 10/2017



"I took my mother here to get mother daughter tattoos our artist was jarris, he was so creative an did what is called watercolor look it came out amazing! He is such a great artist! Definitely will be going back to him for more tattoo work."

-Bre Kaleen Chovanec, 08/2016




"Jarris is an incredible artist. He took a bunch of simple ideas and turn them into an arm sleeve that told who I was. Not to mention, he drew the tattoo on just by looking at the pictures. Can't wait to get the shading and color added.

I was more then impressed and couldn't be happier I chose vonzombie studio."

-Joshua Sutley, 12/2016


"Jarris Vonzombie did my sleeve on my right arm last year, and did a fantastic job. He is now currently in the process of finishing my sleeve on my left arm, involving a few cover ups, as well as an entirely different style from my right arm, with much more colors, and an entire “Naruto” theme. For my right arm I sat through a thirteen hour session as Jarris diligently worked, creating this amazing masterpiece. The atmosphere is always perfect, and comfortable, making it much easier to relax while getting the tattoo. Jarris is an incredible artist, and his work is proof of his talents. I highly recommend going to Vonzombie studios for your artwork, as it will prove to be worth both your time, and money."

-Joey Cola, 02/2018



"Jarris covered up four of my old tattoos & turned it into One of Best Artwork Masterpieces. I'm Truly Satisfied. I will be BACK for the rest of my Cover-Ups! You are an Amazing Artist!"

-Rosalie Mary Oliveri Machuca, 02/2018



"My oldest decided to follow his dad's footsteps. After he hit up a few places, me, being dad, wanted him to do this right for his first tattoo. Personally, I have been following a few artists, but the work put out by Vonzombie has always been very crisp and beautiful. 
Fast forward, as we spent a great afternoon in the studio, laughing and getting to know Jarris, we were watching a master in his element. Personally, I have three that are quite sizable with more work coming. The level of detail and care placed on my son's tattoo told me everything I needed to know. Not only did I find the artist I have been searching for, but I found that one artist that is a maestro in his field. 
My son's tattoo wasn't very big, probably a 2.5 inches. Big deal right? but what was amazing..the level of detail, and the amazing line work. Jarris was able to even match the coloring spot on. I am not sure who was smiling, or my son. We are talking detail work on a level as great as the item my son brought in. Simply Amazing. 
Thank you for the amazing work, and the great time! I look forward to working with you Jarris!!"

-Brent Crandall, 04/2017



"My friend and I had a wonderful experience here. The apprentice did my friends tattoo which came out great and Jarris did mine. Everyone in the shop is very accommodating, helpful, and really work with you. I would HIGHLY recommend this shop and the artists. I had a larger tattoo done on my side and it is absolutely beautiful! And it was freehanded on my body by Jarris. This shop is really great in all aspects!"

-Michelle Ciofalo Correll, 03/2016



"I chose this studio as a last minute decision and for my first tattoo. I definitely made a great decision! After some initial talk with Jarris, I decided to move ahead with a half sleeve - Celtic Armor style tat. After two sessions and roughly 6 hours, he finished and the end result looks fantastic. Staff here was pleasant and accommodating, and Jarris' work is top notch. 
Highly recommended.
Thanks Jarris!!!"

-Chris Baldsquatch Meachum, 05/2016


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